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Take a look at your eyeglass prescription. We will need some extra information to make your lenses! 

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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

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About The Gift Certificate

A $300 gift certificate for your friend, partner, family member or colleague. Sent to your email throughout the day.

What's Included
            You can save paper and present the certificate digitally or print it out — whatever works best for you.  
How Will The Glasses Fit?
                To get an idea of how this model will fit your face, take a usual ruler, stand in front of a mirror and measure the distance between your right and left temple. Compare it with the frame width mentioned in ‘About This Model’ or in product photos. 
What Is PD?
                PD (pupillary distance) is the distance between your pupil centers. It helps figure out where exactly in your glasses you look through the lens. If you don’t have this parameter in your prescription, you can measure it at home with the help of a ruler and a friend. 
Use & Care
                Ochis, like all other glasses, require careful use. To prolong their life, follow these simple rules:
1. Keep them safe in the hard coffee case;
2. Put them on and take them off using two hands;
3. Don’t lay the glasses lens down;
4. Don’t leave the glasses in high-temperature surroundings. 
How To Use
              The certificate includes a unique promo code. After you choose your Ochis, continue to checkout and enter the promo code in its specific box in the order summary.


Durable and Waterpfoor

Although our glasses are made of natural materials, they are durable and waterproof.

Discover material

Frame color

In addition to classic black, Ochis offers frames in a variety of colors, including options with accents of natural flowers or flax shavings.


We offer a wide selection of lenses - from sunglasses to various optical options. You can choose exactly the lenses you need.