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5 Daily Eco-Сonscious Rituals

As long as we exist, we create daily habits that make our life easy and organized. From our closest family and friends, we find out the best ways to get around life without spending too much time on tedious tasks. As we grow older, we adapt to the circumstances and test new ways that could work best in our specific situations. All those approaches and rituals create our daily routines, which actually make up the base of our existence. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, right?

Here’s our selection of greener daily habits you could easily try:

1. Turn off your phone and lighting for an hour a day.

This will not only save the energy that you’re using up but also give you a much-needed break from social media and constant bombarding of information. Before you say anything – no, we don’t mean in the middle of a workday when you're busy taking calls and replying to emails. But how about in the evenings before you go to bed? Also, if you spend your evenings in candle-lit rooms, you will certainly be much more relaxed and get all the zzz's. Side-effects may include: better sleep schedule and improving your before-bed reading.

Ochis and Figs

2. Turn off the water in your tap when you’re not actually using it.

We all brush our teeth, do the dishes, take showers and wash our hands – but not all of us think about water management at the same time. If you have extra water somewhere – pour it into leftover bottles and use it to water your plants. By the way, gardening is an awesome hobby! Taking care of your small garden could teach you to love the planet as a whole.

3. Challenge yourself to learn how to cook a new dish every week or two.

Through this process you will understand your tastes, get a new skill, have a better sense of how much food and ingredients you actually need to be happy and full. While you're at it, maybe try to have a vegetarian day, or a day without dairy. This could spark the creativity in your inner chef and give you a chance to learn more about the different cuisines from around the world!

4. Select a capsule wardrobe for an upcoming month.

If you limit your clothing options to, let’s say, only 15 items (Ochis not included), you could learn more about accessorizing, styling and layering. And hey! Why not play a game of dressup while you're at it? You would be surprised about the number of outfits you can create if you turn the daily routine of getting dressed into a game.

5. Learn to communicate.

This is not an obvious eco-conscious habit, but it can really change your whole life if you talk to others about the things that make you happy. Ask your favorite barista to make your morning coffee in your to-go cup. Drop a hint about using paper-based parcel tape to your local business owners. Smile at your waiter and ask him not to put plastic straws in your mocktail. Give your mom a bamboo toothbrush as a gift and tell her about its benefits. Humans exist to communicate, and maybe today you can make the world better by talking to someone! 


In our modern world, there is a huge need for a better understanding that those simple daily actions can make a real change. We can only hope that trying to adopt sustainable and eco-conscious habits will become the new norm because to us nothing is more important than taking care of ourselves and the planet at the same time.