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Being Conscious

The world never stands still, and its constant movement is always a double-edged sword.

On the one hand, today more than ever we see many environmental problems that human activity has led to. Many of us care about the climate getting worse, animal cruelty, pollution and irrational resources management. In any case, we all feel the real consequences of the many years of aggressive human approach to nature and can’t be anything other than sad about the way things have become. 

On the other hand, each problem always has some kind of benefit attached to it. Thanks to cutting-edge technology and science progress we can actively contribute to the conscious creation of a cleaner future for ourselves and generations to come. This is exactly what keeps us from giving up and inspires us to work on all those problems we see.

Yes, the world is changing, but we are changing along with it! Thanks to active and conscious people we now have many cool innovations that allow us all to change for the better.

Together with the world, we are growing up and becoming able to take on more responsibility, make personal independent decisions. Also, we are able to see our true selves and work on becoming the people we strive to be. Strong, conscious and happy.

Our whole life is the path to ourselves. It seems to us here, at Ochis, that this path lies through the clarity of thoughts, vision and consciousness. And, of course, through caring for nature, because the space around us affects our attitude and inspires us to move forward. Humanity has been relying on nature for renewing its emotional resources since the dawn of time, and our generation is no exception.  

Ochis lenses installation

Each of us has enormous potential to do incredible things right now. Sometimes such action may be waste sorting, and sometimes — a legal struggle to preserve forests and rivers. The scale of your actions is insignificant. The only important thing is your conscious decision to be part of the change that you want to see.