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How You Can Help Ukraine

On February 24, Russia has started its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since then, there has been no single day of calm. Our cities are constantly being bombed, with thousands of peaceful civilians already killed and injured. Millions are displaced and in constant worry about their future. 

As a foreigner, you can help Ukraine in our fight for freedom. Here is a breakdown of a few things that will make a huge difference. All links mentioned below are personally chosen by our team. These organizations are trustworthy and will help to quickly get the resources straight to hot spots, unlike big international institutions which have proven to be too slow and bureaucratic to actually help today. We believe that each day matters. 


What can you do for free?
1. Use your voice. 

Write to your city council, state representatives and international organizations asking to provide help to Ukraine and impose more sanctions against Russia. Use correct terminology while commenting on social media and discussing it with your friends. This is not a conflict or a crisis, this is war. Moreover, the Russian-Ukrainian war has been going on since 2014 – what we have now is an escalation of it.

2. Educate yourself and others.

Organize or visit screenings of Ukrainian movies, open discussions about the colonialist nature of this war, listen to Ukrainian music and research Ukrainian artists. Learn about the Ukrainian history and its rich culture. 

3. Spread the truth.

Allow Ukrainian voices to be heard and share information from trustworthy media who understand the context. 

    The Kyiv Independent

    Ukrayinska Pravda

    War Stories From Ukraine (firsthand stories from people who experience the horrors of war)


    4. Organize or join protests against Russia's war on Ukraine. 

    You can shape your government's decisions and show your fellow citizens that they need to take a stand. 

      Stop Putin

      5. Volunteer.

      Join your local refugee centers, help sort out humanitarian aid, organize fundraisers. Do what you know how to do well and focus it on helping Ukraine.


        Where to donate?
        1. Helping the Ukrainian army. 

        By doing so, you'll be supporting our defense systems and the regular citizens who had to take arms and protect their country. 

          Come Back Alive (the most effective volunteer organization supplying technology to the army)

          Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine (National Bank of Ukraine)

          Leleka Foundation (USA-based)

          2. Helping to provide humanitarian aid. 

          If you want to support Ukrainian volunteers who know the specific needs of local people currently suffering from war, you can donate here. 

            Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine (National Bank of Ukraine)

            Razom For Ukraine

            Palianytsia (humanitarian aid for IDP’s and refugees in Lviv)

            Stop The Blood (a USA-based fundraiser for CAT tourniquets)

            3. Helping children in need. 

              Voices of Children (psychological support)

              Tabletochki (charitable fund supporting children with cancer)

              Ridni (facilitating adoption processes)

              4. Helping animals and zoos.

              UAnimals (animal rights activists)

              Sirius Animal Shelter (one of the biggest animal shelters in Ukraine)

              XII Months Zoo (a private zoo needing help)

              Mykolaiv Zoo (a state zoo – you can buy a ticket and the funds will go towards food for the animals)

              5. Helping to protect the Ukrainian cultural heritage and art. 

              Ivan Honchar Museum (protecting the folk culture in Ukraine, all donated money will go to support other state-owned museums)

              Saving Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Online (providing help to digitalize Ukrainian art)

              Artists Support Ukraine (supporting art workers in need)

              6. Helping to sustain the Ukrainian economy.

              Buy products from Ukrainian businesses and help to fill our budget with taxes. If you wish to support Ochis in particular, you can do so by ordering glasses or buying them from our partners offline. You can also donate to support our team financially:


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              Here you can find country-specific info about other ways to support Ukraine and even more initiatives that you might be more likely to support: 

              Please, don't stand aside while Ukrainians are dying. Choose the causes that speak to your heart and help us fight against tyranny and injustice in any way you feel comfortable with. It is truly important to unite in the face of the biggest war since WWII as a community of conscious and active people. 


              Thank you!