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Independence Day

Today, on August 24, Ukraine celebrates its 31st consecutive year of being an independent state. Verkhovna Rada signed The Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine on this day in 1991, making Ukraine free from being a Soviet Republic. 
Ukraine has been on an arduous path of creating itself ever since. With many ups and downs, controversies and political tribulations, it has been becoming a perfectly imperfect state that we love today.
On this day, we want to remember the hundreds of years that it took us to finally gain independence from the neighboring colonialist states and the fearless political and public figures who fought for Ukraine's right to sovereignty. It has never been easy for us and still remains to be a right that we have to die protecting every day, so our independence is not just an empty word. It has never been a given, but it is ours — once and forever. 

Act of Declaration of Independence of Ukraine

  • In view of the mortal danger surrounding Ukraine in connection with the state coup in the USSR on August 19, 1991,
  • Continuing the thousand-year tradition of state development in Ukraine,
  • Proceeding from the right of a nation to self-determination in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and other international legal documents, and
  • Implementing the Declaration of State Sovereignty of Ukraine,

the Verkhovna Rada of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic solemnly declares 
the Independence of Ukraine and the creation of an independent Ukrainian state – UKRAINE.
The territory of Ukraine is indivisible and inviolable.
From this day forward, only the Constitution and laws of Ukraine are valid on the territory of Ukraine.
This act becomes effective at the moment of its approval.

We feel grateful to live in a country with such a long history, rich and vivid culture and bright future. For we can actually understand the price that states have to pay for their independence and will forever be in debt to those who gave their lives to this noble deed.

Happy Birthday, the independent state of Ukraine! May you live on for centuries more, the country of the brave. We are proud to be a part of you.