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Ochis’ First SILMO

This September, Ochis had the amazing opportunity to take part in SILMO Paris, our debut at professional fairs and a splendid event all over.

We wanted to present our coffee-based eyewear to professionals from around the world and get the precious feedback that could help us grow and improve as much as possible. This dream brought us to this year’s SILMO in the capital of France, where we tried to do our best at presenting Ochis and representing our country (since we were the first Ukrainian brand to have ever had a booth there).

Both the exhibitors and visitors of SILMO Paris had a chance to interact with our eyewear: to touch, smell and try on the innovative glasses in person (and to exclaim, ‘Yes, they actually do smell like coffee!’). After 3 years of experiments and 3 more years of improving the qualities of the new material, it is our company’s first international optical fair, and we couldn’t have had a more engaging experience.
Thanks to everyone who helped organize this event, to each and every one of you who came up to our booth and had a chat, to the journalists who covered us in their materials, and especially to those who have been following us online and waiting for us to finally take this step. It is an honor for us to create alongside such talented and skilled people like you, and we will make sure to learn from your feedback, which you shared so willingly with us!

We feel grateful to have represented our work at SILMO 2022 and to get such crucial feedback from our colleagues and contemporaries from all over the world, especially considering the difficult times that our native country is going through. It is a learning process, but we are excited to do everything we can to persevere and keep improving for the sake of our beloved Ukraine.
For us at Ochis, it is truly an act of unbelievable luck to be a part of such a strong community of optical experts and creatives, and we hope to continue the cooperation with both the exhibition and the people behind the glasses.

We miss you already, SILMO! See you soon!