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Russia-Ukraine War Statement

Ochis is a Ukrainian company. 

We invented the world's first coffee-based eyewear here, and we continue to make it here in Kyiv. Ukrainian people and nature inspire us to continue doing what we love and believe in every single day.



But not today, on the 24th of February, because we woke up to the sound of war. At around 5 am Kyiv time, the Russian army has started its invasion, with many missiles aiming at our cities, Kyiv included.

We want to remind you that Ukraine is an independent country with its own language, territory, culture and right to protect its borders. It has been so for 30 years and will remain so for years to come. 

If you live in Ukraine, we're asking you to keep calm at this difficult hour and only read and react to official government-confirmed information. If you live elsewhere, you can support Ukrainian independence by sharing information from trustworthy resources and by donating money to the Ukrainian army. We personally recommend SAVE LIFE.

Ukraine is doing everything to stop the Russian invasion. Please, do what you can to support us in our fight to keep our freedom.

P.S. For obvious reasons, we cannot ensure timely payment confirmations or usual delivery conditions at the moment, but will try to do our best.