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Ochis Story 07: Ready, steady, go!

This is the story of how the world first heard about Ochis.

When the first prototypes of coffee glasses became sturdy enough not to fall apart (literally) in front of your eyes, the founder of Ochis Max began brainstorming how to promote them. Honestly speaking, he was doubting the whole thing — maybe no one really needed that? Why should anyone be interested in some experimental project from his garage?

Fortunately, he had a few close friends who supported his idea and assured him that the world's first coffee glasses were indeed very cool.

One such friend, who was living in New York, suggested trying to promote Ochis on Kickstarter. It would secure the funding for further product development while also testing the world's response to such unique frames.

Two months of detailed research began; Max even called the founders of other Ukrainian brands who were able to get their start there and asked them to share their experience. It is worth noting that willingness to share is the most valuable thing that can happen to any inventor in their community.

From the sincere support of loved ones to the wise mentorship of colleagues, the people's ability to come together and help each other will always be the moving force of progress.

After understanding the platform mechanics, Max started preparing for the launch, taking pictures of glasses and looking for a copywriter and videographer. For two days, a film crew with a gigantic camera has been recording the process of creating the first Ochis, and Max was able to take a fresh look at his glasses through its lens. He finally saw them as a big exciting project.

As a result, the Kickstarter campaign not only reached its goal, but also sparked the international media interest.

Gradually, the Ukrainian media became interested in Max and his unique product too, and started interviewing him, organizing video shoots and inviting him to live broadcasts. Ochis got their well-deserved attention!
The overwhelming surprise that glasses can even be made from coffee, especially in Ukraine, brought Max the first orders. To him, this wave of demand was both understandable and unexpected at the same time. After all, not many physical pairs of glasses have been produced at that point. Demand has quickly far exceeded supply.

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