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Ochis Tsvit

Ochis Tsvit is our new collection of glasses that embody Ukrainian nature. This whole capsule was born as a way to preserve the beauty of our land by combining used coffee grounds and native Ukrainian flowers in a single frame. As a reaction against the attempts to take away our land, Ochis Tsvit (meaning 'bloom' in Ukrainian) is dedicated to Ukraine's resilience, which forever lives and multiplies under any conditions.

We created the world's first coffee glasses in Ukraine, and we have always been inspired by the richness of the nature around us, feeling a strong connection with the earth as a source of life and beauty. In an attempt to encapsulate this connection, we inserted the flower petals of plants commonly grown in Ukrainian fields into each frame: sunflowers, marigolds and cornflowers. All of these flowers are powerful symbols in our folk culture as well as a common sight for anyone living in our country.

We feel more connected with our native land than ever before because we are fighting for its independence and our freedom, so the importance of soil and everything that it births becomes central. Like all Ukrainians, we see our unity flourishing with renewed vigor and witness the new Ukrainian national identity forming from a closed bud into a full blossom.

The six different frame designs in this collection have three possible flower options each. The yellow sunflower stands for our unshakable will (
volya). Red marigolds are our infinite strength (syla). The blue cornflowers symbolize our unbearable beauty (krasa). Each petal pattern is unique and unrepeatable, just like no flower is ever the same. The coffee case that comes with each order is covered in the same flowers as the glasses.

Each frame from this collection carries a piece of Ukraine, and together they form a colorful wreath of our culture. We are different, but we are united by one territory, one love and one desire to live in a peaceful and independent country. To flourish, blossom, bloom on our land.

Ochis Tsvit is an opportunity to keep your literal roots with you and to bring a piece of Ukraine into the world, wherever you are.