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Ochis VMS 2023

Introducing Ochis Latest Collection: dedicated to Culture of Ukrainian Creative Youth and sustainability.

Kyiv, Ukraine - June 2023

Ochis Eyewear, a leading Ukrainian eyewear brand that created the world`s first coffee eyewear and known for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability, is thrilled to unveil its latest collection, inspired by the vibrant culture of Kyiv's (capital of Ukraine) creative youth. This collection captures the essence of modern moods and preferences, while staying true to Ochis Eyewear's values of uniqueness, ethics, and ecological consciousness.

After research and engaging with the cultural youth of Kyiv, Ochis discovered a community that truly appreciates the blend of naturalness, modernity, and a desire for individuality. The new collection perfectly reflects these values, offering eyewear designs that combine contemporary aesthetics with a sustainable design.

"The resilience and strength of Ukrainians is inspiring, as well as the ability to create a completely new high-quality and strong global brand of Ukraine

In this difficult time, we confidently talk to the whole world through new creative projects, showing the innovativeness and creativity of our people. And each of us is a part of one big team called Ukraine." - explains the founder of the brand Maksym Havrylenko.

The 3 different frame designs in this collection have two possible colour options each. Totally black frame and black frame covered by flax.

Ochis Eyewear's new collection not only offers stylish and distinctive eyewear options but also promotes sustainability and responsible consumption. By using upcycled materials and incorporating natural elements, the brand aims to inspire individuals to make eco-conscious choices without compromising on style and self-expression.

As before, Ochis continues to donate a part of the funds from the sale of eyewear to support Ukraine Forces