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Visual Hygiene

The world around us is overflowing with information, and we essentially view it through visual means.

Usually, we don't even notice it because we are accustomed to using our vision from the first days of our lives. Even before we could speak or listen, we already had the ability to see, and it helped us perceive the world and recognize the faces of our loved ones.

Very little changes as we grow older. We rather begin to rely on sight even more when we learn to read and write and first encounter the Internet. Our eyes analyze the environment without stopping, allowing us to easily navigate space, recognize familiar objects, react to danger and interpret signs.

We watch movies, stare into the eyes of a loved one, peek at our overflowing inbox, envision the future, gaze at art, observe nature. We constantly look, look, look and look some more.

Seemingly, if all parts of our body were so productive, we would have to sleep 20 hours a night to recover. Why are we so irresponsible about giving our precious eyes some rest?

In fact, they need our care and attention since we walk around for hours on end, our eyes glued to the screens — all while creating and consuming bits of information and exposing ourselves to the radiation damage from the displays. Our main problem when using any gadget is that we just forget to blink, so the eye doesn't get moisturized and eventually gets irritated. You can always order computer glasses from Ochis to not worry about it. We dream of creating a community of people who approach their visual health responsibly!

In order to make life easier for our eyes and keep them toned, you also need to take breaks from sitting in front of the screen for about 10-15 minutes every 2 hours. We all know this, but few really do it because they immediately switch from their computer screen to the phone. So we decided to offer you to try some eye exercises — a more fun way to spend these few minutes beneficially for your vision. Think of it as brushing your teeth or washing your hands, just another way to support your hygiene.

Try to take care of your visual health and establish useful habits. Your eyes will definitely feel much better over time!