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Zero Waste

Zero waste philosophy is based on the idea of no-waste production and such circulation when repeated recycling allows resources to avoid ending up in landfills. Simply put, zero waste is a beforehand evaluation of the kind of waste each of us produces during our existence, and the desire to minimize it.

Perhaps, the most famous zero waste symbol in recent years has been the glass jar. Many activists use it to display all the unrecyclable waste they have produced over a long period. It makes you think hard about your habits, but at the same time, such radical restriction may sound scary to eco-friendly beginners.

There are many ways to strive for zero waste. You shouldn’t immediately sacrifice your comfort and quality of life in the name of an idea (any idea, to be honest). As a first step, you could look for eco-friendly alternatives to familiar daily objects and, if possible, start using them. Sure, a jar full of garbage is an impressive visualization but you are already awesome if you’ve started producing two bags of trash a month instead of four, and recycle the majority of it.

Ochis is a good example of how seemingly useless waste could still be valuable and become a useful material. 

When people from different backgrounds unite and begin creating, even coffee grounds can find a unique use. And that is the real thrill of the eco-friendly approach to both business and life — the pure joy of creative problem-solving.

That’s why our glasses are plant-based and will not remain a dead weight in a landfill but will eventually turn into a new natural resource. Even if you're not that advanced in zero waste yet, we've already made sure that your Ochis don't pollute the planet.

Of course, there is no perfect zero. Zero is emptiness, absence, nothing. We are sure that life shouldn’t be empty simply because it’s “the correct way”. Life should be made up of less rubbish and more of our favorite things. Sticking to that philosophy, we are constantly improving to make sure that Ochis belong to the second category and never fall into the first.

We are all for zero waste and maximum love for ourselves and the nature around us. We approach all production processes with great responsibility and try to make your eco-friendly journey as comfortable as possible.