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We all grow up in unique conditions that shape us as individuals. We have our own interests, hobbies, character traits and preferences that make us special and our lives interesting.

The invention of the Internet, international trade, open borders and the availability of many social benefits have given us incredible opportunities. From an early age, several generations of people have become accustomed to the fact that most desires can come true if you work hard enough. Nothing prevents us from traveling around the whole planet, building our own houses, starting businesses, getting an education and doing a lot more — all we have to do is try. The world responds to all of our requests, and the Internet allows us to find like-minded people who will support any initiative of ours.

Here at Ochis, we have a dream worth constantly working and improving for — it is a world of conscious people living in harmony with nature. It emerged from a strong inner feeling that it was time to change ourselves and the world around us. We see that our values are important to many and that many would like to become a part of exactly the kind of future that we’re striving for. Even those who’ve never before thought about ecology or their impact on the future of the Earth.

Indeed, each of us has a huge potential and the ability to use the modern benefits to bring about positive change. Each person is unique and therefore sees the problem from their special point of view, contributing to the common understanding.

This is a huge advantage given to us by globalization — we can listen to each other and share our experiences.

Dreamers have always been at the forefront of progress and have proudly carried their vision forward, no matter what. Before, they had to confront all the constraints alone. Today, we have an unbeatable superpower: we are united by a common goal, even if we are in different parts of the planet. There are a lot of us. We care. We want to make the world a better place for everyone.

At this very moment, our country is at war. Apart from dreaming of living consciously in unity with nature, we now dream of a peaceful Ukraine where we can safely live and create. You can join us in our fight for freedom. Read our guide on how to do that and keep supporting Ukraine.


If you are here with us, then welcome! You are among friends. Let's dream together and help those dreams become reality.