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Material & Production


What are Ochis made from?

Ochis glasses are made from coffee grounds and natural oils, and the glue holding them together is a vegetable-oil-based biopolymer. We don’t use any plastic to create our eyewear and believe in a world where you can be sustainable even in such simple things as choosing glasses.


Where do you get the coffee cake from?

We collect the coffee grounds every other day from local coffee shops here, in Kyiv. That means that our material is an otherwise unused by-product that gets a new life of being eyewear!


Do Ochis smell of coffee?

Yes, they do! It’s not a strong smell, but it’s still there. 


How long will the glasses keep the coffee smell?

Usually, the frame smells of coffee for several weeks. After that, you can rub it with an aroma oil of your choice. 


What should I do if the material has changed its color?

Just put some vegetable oil on them and wipe the excess off with a napkin to make the color pop again.


Production Process

How do the coffee grounds turn into frames?

We get used coffee grounds from our local coffee shops, bring them to our manufacturing, then dry and put them through 39 different production processes. Our craftsmen perform many production stages by hand, bringing your frames to perfection.


Is your eyeglasses production eco-friendly & sustainable?

Yes, it is. We invented a unique technology that doesn’t involve CO2 emission and is completely safe for the environment. 


Is your production ethical?

Yes. We highly value the work of our well-qualified craftsmen, so we give them decent competitive pay and a comfortable workplace. We perform all production processes in Kyiv, using high-quality manufacturing parts. Our glasses don’t contain any animal-derived products.


Are Ochis made by hand?

Mostly, yes. We use different equipment to create the base material for all our eyeglasses frames, but the assembly process, polishing, lens installing and quality checks are all made by our talented workers. The majority of production processes are performed by hand, which makes Ochis an item of true craftsmanship.


Where do you make the glasses? Do you outsource any processes?

The glasses are made in Kyiv, starting with collecting the coffee grounds and finishing with packing your orders. Every single step of production takes place in Kyiv, and we are proud to have the best experts working for us locally.