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If you wish to make an order for your optical or concept store, please, contact us at sales@ochis.co. We will gladly answer all your questions and send you the price list and order form.

1. Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
We highly recommend making a minimum order of 10-15 pieces to give your clients a good range of designs to choose from. This will allow you to tell the story of our coffee eyewear in full. However, if you wish to order just 1 pair to test Ochis out, that is also possible.


2. Do you have a warranty?
Yes, we warrant our eyewear against breakage due to defects in the material.

Our warranty applies for 12 months from the date of purchase by the end customer + 3 months extra for keeping the glasses in your warehouse facilities before selling them.

The warranty covers the following manufacturing defects:
- Cracks in the frames
- Temple rod damages
- Lack of components

The warranty does not cover the following problems:
- Scratches on lenses
- Accidents, negligence, misuse or storage-related defects
- Unauthorized changes or repairs
- Natural wear-out (earpieces, nose pads, screws)

If your end customer’s situation applies to our warranty conditions, you have the right to:
- Demand a replacement of the same model
- Demand a replacement of the same product in a different model (with price recalculation)
- Demand a free repair of the glasses

To request the warranty, please contact our support team at cs@ochis.co and/or the B2B manager whom you are in contact with. Our customer support department will do its best to help you or your customer out.


3. Which payment methods do you accept?
We work with SWIFT (IBAN), PayPal, Stripe and FONDY transfers.


4. Do you offer any brand support?
Of course! You can always contact us and we will consult you on any question you may have.


5. What are your delivery terms?
We have a stock of pre-made frames in Berlin and ship your orders from there. If the design+lens+color combination you want is not in stock, we will need approximately 1 month to produce the piece and ship it to Berlin.

We use DHL delivery services, which take around 5 workdays in the EU and 14-30 workdays worldwide. Large orders may take longer to prepare since we perform all production processes by hand.

All Ochis wholesale prices have the VAT included. The delivery price will be calculated depending on your country and order quantity.


6. How often do you update your collections?
We release new designs 1-2 times a year.


7. Are the glasses waterproof? Will they break down in the water?
Ochis are waterproof due to a special hydrophobic layer. There is no chance they will get spoilt from short-term exposure to water.


8. What certificates do you have for selling Ochis in Europe?
We have the European Eyewear Conformity Certificate, which gives us the right to put a CE mark on all our glasses.


9. Can I become a distributor or an exclusive distributor of Ochis?
We are always open to cooperation and would be happy to discuss a mutually beneficial option via email.


10. What is your return/repair policy?
We account for unforeseen situations related to material breakage and always try to solve the problem in the best possible way. If the breakage happens at our fault, we will replace the damaged frames at our expense.
Feel free to contact us at cs@ochis.co and we will be happy to answer and help with a solution.

Please make sure that your message includes:
- Client’s invoive that shows the purchase date;
- A brief description of what happened with the glasses;
- A couple of photos and/or video showing the breakage from different angles.

We will show everything to our repairs department and propose a convenient solution to your problem.

When sending us the glasses, please pack them in a cardboard box and use the delivery service that assigns a tracking number and guarantees package insurance. Don’t forget to send us the tracking number so we know when to expect the delivery.

We also provide repair services even after the warranty has run out, but in such cases, your client will need to pay for both the works and the delivery to us and back.

Please note that Ochis is not responsible for return packages lost in transit.