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How should I dispose of broken Ochis?
To dispose of broken glasses, follow these simple steps:
put the lenses into the recycle bin for plastic;
if you can, remove the screws from the frame and throw them away into the container for metal;
put the eyewear frames into the green bin for organic waste.

How long do Ochis take to decompose?
Ochis frames take approximately 10 years to decompose under usual conditions if recycled correctly. 
We are still looking for the best solution to the problem of recycling the lenses, which aren’t compostable. If you know of any advances in sustainable lens production that we might’ve missed, please let us know at hi@ochis.co.

Are Ochis safe for the environment?
Yes, they are! Our glasses are totally safe for the environment. They don’t contain any harmful compounds, so they won’t pollute soil and water when they decompose. All parts of our coffee-based glasses are recyclable (except for the lenses).