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Setting Up the Frames

Ochis are very special glasses that you can actually adjust to fit your face shape. To make them fit like a glove, you don’t have to take them to the optician — simply follow a couple of easy steps (they are also included in your parcel).


How can I make Ochis fit my face shape?

If you want the frames to fit your face perfectly, you can adjust the temples. In order to do that, we recommend you to heat the temples to a temperature of no more than 50°С/122°F. You can do that by using a simple hairdryer. 

After you’ve heated the temples:

a) put four fingers on the curve of the temple (as shown in the picture above);

b) apply slight pressure and bend the curve to fit your ears.

Please don’t attempt to bend any other parts of the frames — the front part of the glasses is not meant to endure forceful bending. We want Ochis to serve you for many years to come! 


What should I do if my Ochis became distorted or uneven?

Don’t worry! Our material is extremely user-friendly. Just slightly heat up the front part of the frames from above avoiding the lenses as much as possible. You can do that with your hairdryer, but make sure to stick to a temperature of 50C°. Then put your Ochis on an even surface and they will straighten out on their own!